Resources to help you through the process


If you have any questions or concerns about flooring you are installing…STOP!

DO NOT INSTALL! Ask your sales rep how to proceed.

REMEMBER – Installation of material constitutes acceptance of quality, milling and grade.  We do not cover claims for defective material that is installed anyway.  Prior to and during installation inspect the product for defects.  Do not install defective material. ALSO – The NWFA and all manufacturers require preinstallation checks of relative humidity in the home, moisture readings of both the wood flooring and the subfloor prior to installation.  HVAC must be operational during acclimation.

Tom Ourada – Natural Live Edge Flooring Scribe Technique

Hardwood Hint from Lenny Hall: How to Keep Adhesive Fresh

Principles of Wood Flooring | National Wood Flooring Association

Intermediate Sand & Finish Training | NWFA

Intermediate Installation Training Course | NWFA

Advanced Wood Flooring Installation Training | NWFA

Time Lapse of Hardwood Floor Installation Sanding and Finishing.

Kronoswiss Laminate Flooring Installation

Sharp Pog oscillating saw blade sharpener

Installing the Fidbox 2