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When you install moulding (especially wooden moulding) in a living space, you immediately establish a sense of style and architectural elegance. This increases the value of any home by heightening its beauty and sophistication.

Currently we offer multiple varieties of moulding, and we are equipped to provide a customized design with any color available in our Impressions Hardwood Collection line.

Stair Treads and Risers

There are quick, easy, and affordable ways to spruce up an already carpeted stairway using stair treads. The ones we uses can go right over worn or carpeted stairways and provide an elegance that can only be found by using natural wood.

Not only this, we have treads and stair risers made from unfinished hardwoods that can be stained to match almost any interior. This is something we recommend. 

Wood Floor Vents

Floor registers are usually an afterthought, but putting in a little thought beforehand when decorating greatly ties together a room and keeps up an unbroken feeling of comfort and warmth.

We have a flush mount that sits flat on the subfloor and is a very subtle design that adds a layer of consistency among your other hardwood accessories. However, there is also the drop in wood floors used to replace the metal registers and keep your house feeling like a home. Whatever your choice, these floor vents are perfect for a natural and elegant design look.